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Google’s privacy concerns

January 25, 2006

It’s getting more and more difficult to keep privacy in the cyber world. I recently found that Google saved all my search history in the my google account. This was a shock to me.

If google only offers search service, it would be fine. Although it keeps my search history. I can remain anonymous to the google. They (and US gov) don’t know who I am. However, I and many others are using google email (gmail) as well. And the search history is also associated with gmail. I use gmail on a daily basis and there’re tons of personal information in inbox, including talks with my friends. If google or US gov want to know more about me and my personal life, it would be very easy!

It’d be wise to diversify. Don’t use too many services from one company. Although google promises ‘do no evil’, it looks like it’s drifting away from its original promise. I no longer trust them.